Boarding Kennel

Canine GuestsBella

  • Appleby Boarding Kennels has two acres for exercise and fun made up of exercise areas, a huge grassy walking area where canine guests may play and enjoy an individual "workout."
  • Guests’ own food is served, so that your dog’s stomach is not upset. We also adhere to your current feeding schedule.
  • Treats are given throughout the day, we use actual dog food (Redbarn Sticks) so your dog is getting a healthy nutritious snack.
  • Medication dispensed at no extra charge.
  • With large custom climate controlled indoor/outdoor accommodations (16 ft. X 4 ft.), all breeds love to stay.

Note: We supply food bowls; guests' bowls can stay at home. Bedding is usually not necessary, either. Any bedding brought to the Kennel must be durable and washable. No pillows or comforters, please.

Call the office at 602-743-8287 if you have questions.